About Me

My name is Matt Wagner. I'm an IT guy.

Do I look like an IT guy?

That sounds a lot like a self-help group introduction. Fitting, since I've been trying to help myself for a long time. For 20 years I've been incapable of just doing what's necessary. I have some obsession with trying to figure out how to do everything better. That means how to think better, how to speak better, how to act better, how to related better... it even includes looking for better ways to be better. You could just say I'm nuts, and you wouldn't be far off.

That said, I've gotten pretty good results. Most of what I have done has turned to gold (or at least silver). I've done my best to share what I've learned through teaching and mentoring along the way, which has also generated pretty good results.

In the IT realm, I've been a data network expert, an information security expert, a convergence expert, and a wireless expert. When learning new things stopped being new, I turned to enterprise architecture and then to leadership to get my fix.

If I have an immediately marketable skill, it's my ability to design and manage the deployment and upkeep of global, enterprise networks. I understand how to succeed with the business drivers, the technologies, the logistical, cross-cultural, and vendor constraints, the employees and skill sets, and all the other stuff that people wish they had known ahead of time when the embark on a global business initiative.

My other skills lie in innovation and communication. I like to combine them whenever possible, either by talking about innovations or by innovating ways to communicate. I think this is what makes people turn to me for brainstorming as well as for presentations, talks and such--they know they'll get something better than what they're used to.

On the side I enjoy languages and cultures. I speak nearly fluent Korean. (지금은 서울에서 살고 있고요...) I have traveled to other countries as well, where I've picked up a little Hebrew, a little Mandarin Chinese, and a little British English. I think I have a shot at being good at Hebrew and Chinese.

I would gladly give it all up today to go live on a mountain and watch the seasons roll by, or to go feed the hungry, but I'm not quite there yet. One of these days. For now I'm an IT guy.